Answering the call of "The Gideons" to tear down the idols and the alters of adultery & sexual immorality & restore moral rectitude individually & in the family & community--Judges 6: 33-34.

​And to speak/prophesy to these "mind-molders" that speak to our children "the wrong way."

​This is The Way...Walk In It...Micah 4:2; Zech. 3:7

- Ask A Prophet--09.09.09.--I Sam. 09:09 -

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - WHY?"

​NOW rebuild the walls--truth & justice--of this city & restore the gates--ports of commerce & paths & ways of righteousness. The Creator's Right Ways to do business with Integrity & Equity--By The Gatekeepers--The Marketplace Christians--men & women of anointed Godly integrity & influence and wisdom to stand forth as servant-leaders.

Nehemiah 2: 17-20

​Jim Teak II Pastor-Prophet @ 619-846-0700

Jim Teak II Prophet